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Solar Power

FHAU is happy to announce that because of the support of many donors Kibuye Hope Hospital has recently transitioned to 100% solar power for the entire campus. This means no more hassles with diesel fuel and the medical staff is able to have consistent power for the whole campus. We been privileged partner with International Technical Electric and Construction ((I-TEC), a non-profit Christian ministry based in based in Montoursville, PA, which designed, built and installed the system. It is functioning very well to the joy and satisfaction of the doctors and nurses who live and work there. Recently we received a message from Dr. Fader at Kibuye singing the praises of the new solar power: “the oxygen generator can satisfy the endless demand, incubators stay warm, operations can happen at all hours of the day or night, lab results never have to wait and x-rays can be taken when needed. The impact of solar power on the ability of Kibuye Hope Hospital to care for patients will be felt fo