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God is good all the time, and God has been especially good to Hope Africa University (HAU) in this time of pandemic.  We have had no reported cases of Covid-19 among our students (only one on the faculty). Our students have continued diligently with their studies, the new agricultural program was launched, and we are scheduled to graduate a new group of doctors, teachers, ministers, and other professionals in February 2022.  Praise God. While the Covid-19 virus has not greatly impacted the University’s work, it has significantly impacted families’ ability to support their young people pursuing study at HAU.  In one of the poorest countries in Africa, even in good times, finding the financial resources to attend college can be daunting, now add Covid.  Concern about how they will pay college tuition and fees worries and distracts students from their studies; some despair and think of giving up.  So, today, our HAU students are even more in need of scholarship support.   I am sending t