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Young Foundation Supports Friends of Hope Africa The Friends of Hope Africa University (FHAU) announce a generous $328,596 gift from the Young Foundation. The gift is designated to support the new Agriculture Program and other needs of Hope Africa University.   The Young Foundation supports Christian organizations working in mission fields in Africa and has been a long-time supporter of the Friends’ work with HAU.   John Ellis, former FHAU President noted, “The Young Foundation has been with us from the beginning with the founding of the HAU in Kenya, and then our move to Burundi.   The Foundation understands the importance of this work.”   David Fisher, former President of the Young Foundation and a founding member of the Friends of Hope Africa Board died this year.   “This legacy gift is a great testimony of the many people who have caught the vision of helping to build a great institution in one of the poorest countries in Africa.   It is an act of faith in the future of the people